Merja Tammi and Ari Kovero welcome you to the new and improved Restaurant Timbaali!
This is the second time Restaurant Timbaali is under the ownership of Merja and Ari, and in March the kitchen, halls and menu were polished for a new beginning. While maintaining the feel of the beautiful old city, some new ideas also emerged along the way. Everyone at Timbaali has been actively part of the renovation.

Being well known for its escargots, the tastiest escargots in town can still be found at Restaurant Timbaali.

The renovated restaurant consists of three new dining halls: the Pike-, Parrot- and Escargot hall. Each hall has its own welcoming atmosphere. The 1920s-inspired Viper bar is a great place to enjoy a few cocktails and nibbles. The terrace is an idyllic oasis in the midst of the old city.

Along with the new décor there are three new menus: the Captain’s buffet, the Bistro menu and the Cocktail Classics menu available on in the Viper bar or on the terrace.

We welcome you to come and enjoy the original feel of the Old Porvoo in Restaurant Timbaali!


Merja, Ari and everyone at Restaurant Timbaali